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What Is The Ratio Of Epoxy and Hardener?


1. Amine curing agents

W(mass fraction of amine curing agent required for 100 mass fraction resin)/%=(amine equivalent/epoxy equivalent)*100 mass fraction resin=(molecular weight of amine*100 mass fraction resin)/ (number of active hydrogen atoms in amine molecule*epoxy equivalent=(molecular weight of amine/number of active hydrogen atoms in amine molecule)*epoxy value=(molecular weight of amine/number of active hydrogen atoms in amine molecule)*(percentage of epoxy matrix/epoxy group molecular mass)

2. Calculating the dosage of low relative molecular weight Polyamide

Amine value is often used to measure the number of amino groups in the specification of polyamide products in low relative molecule, which can not correctly reflect the number of active hydrogen atoms. Therefore, the amine value can not be simply used as the basis for calculating the amount of polyamide. For typical polyamides, the following formula can be used to calculate the dosage.

W(polyamide)%=(56100/amine value*f)*epoxy value n-3

3. Calculating the dosage of ketoimide

W(ketoimide)%=(curing agent equivalent/epoxy equivalent)*100

"Equivalent" here means that ketimine reacts with water at the same time.